FERTUM ® Foliar

Prepared with marine algae

The need for agricultural inputs that do not pollute the environment makes the use of products made of marine algae is important in cropping programs.

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FERTUM ® Foliar Is a natural organic biostimulant and fertiliser, for use on leaves and roots, prepared with marine algae, highly concentrated and water-soluble.

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Certified as compatible for organic agriculture by BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH.
Además posee registro como insumo orgánico de IMO Chile.

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In Patagonia Biotecnología S.A. we believe that an efficient chain of distribution is basic to cover the needs of the customers. We are actually expanding to new markets and searching for new distributors arround the world. If you are interested in our products and want to distribute them to your country, please contact us. We will be happy to reply all your questions.


Highlighted product: FERTUM, spraying and fertigation

FERTUM ® Foliar have been certified as compatible with Organic Agriculture, by the German certifying agency BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH. It's also registered as an organic ingredient by IMO Chile.

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FERTUM, nutrients based on marine algae

FERTUM Foliar, Germinal and Nursery are the letter of introduction of Patagonia Biotecnología S.A, a company that produces these 100 percent natural stimulants and fertilisers based on marine algae.

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Why FERTUM® is of marine algae?

Research has verified that algal extracts possess a complete variety of all the active minerals plus chelating substances. Algae have plant hormones, auxins and gibberellins that help to stimulate growth in plants.

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ARTICLE: are all products based on algae the same?

Algae are simple organisms but of complex nature. They are not exactly plants, and by no way are they animals. It is even more difficult to understand the biochemical fundamentals of the varied benefits that algae.

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