Our mission is the innovation, manufacture and marketing of Biostimulants and Growth Promoters for plants, and to provide the farming industry with excellent products based on organic and conventional extracts that help to mitigate the environmental impact due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, compliant to national and international quality standards.


To be a company that is identified, by its products, throughout the national and international markets. To be in constant communication with its clients, to flag a unique differential that identifies us and at the same time makes us more competitive, achieving and sustaining a market leadership.

Core values

Commitment: Our goal is to provide the best fertilizer available whilst protecting the world in which we live.
Honesty: In the relationship with have with our clients and suppliers; in the service we deliver, and ideas we communicate.
Social Responsibility: In the formulation and processing of our products, which don’t harm the environment and convey this pride to our customers and suppliers.
Innovation: The research and development of innovative farm-grown produce for a sustainable agricultural world.
Quality: We always preserve and strive for the highest quality, going beyond the standards of the rest of the industry.
Teamwork: We pride ourselves on a management team that is able to achieve our company goals and targets, which carries with it the development and the nurturing of the relationships with our staff and clients.

To our mentor

Gotardo Carlos Schenkel Stiefel
Province of Osorno, City of Río Negro. Born on the 24th October, 1928.

“Don Gota” as he is known by his friends has been a relentless researcher all his life, uncovering the soils of Chile and the World. With his 81 years of age he still has not received the deserved appreciation for his contribution to agriculture, livestock farming and fruit growing.

The oldest of three children, he followed his primary and secondary education at the Deutsche Schule in the cities of Frutillar and Osorno, the "Liceo de Hombres" in Osorno, and completed his secondary education at the boarding school "Internado Nacional Barros Arana (IMBA)" in Santiago during 1945. Later on he entered the Biology program followed by the Maths program, and finally he achieved a Chemical Engineers' degree at the "Universidad de Concepción" with the degree thesis: “Determinación de Agua Pesada en Aguas Naturales de la Provincia de Concepción” (Determination of heavy water in natural waters from the Province of Concepción), in 1955.

With an extraordinary skill for learning, this experienced researcher and educator masters 6 languages - Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese - allowing him to follow soil studies in more than 50 countries throughout his professional career, acting as an advisor to foreign governments and working for the United Nations.

Gotardo Schenkel, the son of Swiss immigrants that had established their home near the city of Osorno - where they managed a farm and later acquired ownership -, immediately started to form new professionals, first as a teacher's assistant and later as a teacher, holding teaching positions for nearly 45 years in the "Universidad de Concepción". His first assignment after getting his degree was in charge of soil studies, at the School of Agronomics, in 1957 in the city of Chillán. Before that he acted as head of the polytechnic school of the University and in charge of students' term projects in inorganic chemistry.

With some difficulty to keep up lasting friendships, more due to lack of time than a reluctance to socialisation, Schenkel, whom is very easy-going, mainly built links with students, and some of these even ended up being his friends. Maybe inspired by the youth that was around him; this college professor published 47 papers related to soil studies. Among all these the papers that stand out are: his research on fertility changes observed in Chilean soil profiles, the identification of different micronutrients with pot experiments, an examination of nutrient deficiencies in potted soils, the fertility assessment of soil using dry matter production with pot experiments and finally, 24 studies about nitrogen mineralisation in soils from the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also was the thesis advisor for 22 theses in Agronomy at the Universidad de Concepción.

But Mister Gotardo didn't only make contributions to agriculture, livestock farming and fruit growing, from the standpoint of university research and works, but also materialised all his experience in private companies. He was advisor for "Iansa" and the "Compañía Chilena de Tabacos". Once he decided to settle in the city of Osorno, together with some partners he founded, in year 2002, the company INVERSIONES PATAGONIA, precursor of PATAGONIA BIOTECNOLOGÍA S.A., dedicated to the production of biostimulants and nutrient correctors, based on seaweed, and sold throughout Chile and a variety of countries. He served as President till year 2006 and created the FERTUM ® products, brand used for trading the formulations. One of the main achievements accredited to him is related to the inclusion of amendments and the use of lime which improved the supply of nutrients to the plants.

Painting enthusiast and collector – he owns a collection of more than 500 paintings of artists from all over the world - Gotardo Carlos Schenkel Stiefel after a lifetime in teaching and research, which brought improvements to crops and production in Chilean farms, is now retired at the age of 84 in his home in Bilbao street, in the city of Osorno.

Written by the journalist Rodrigo Aguilera.