Our mission is the innovation, manufacture and marketing of 100% natural fertilizers and soil amenders, for use in all crop types, and to provide the farming industry with excellent products based on marine algae that will help protect the world’s soil, rivers and seas form being poisoned by the traditional N-P-K type fertilizers.


To be a company that is identified, by its products, throughout the national and international markets. To be in constant communication with its clients, to flag a unique differential that identifies us and at the same time makes us more competitive, achieving and sustaining a market leadership.

Core values

Commitment: Our goal is to provide the best fertilizer available whilst protecting the world in which we live.
Honesty: In the relationship with have with our clients and suppliers; in the service we deliver, and ideas we communicate.
Social Responsibility: In the formulation and processing of our products, which don’t harm the environment and convey this truth with pride to our customers and suppliers.
Innovation: The research and development of innovative agricultural input products to help the world achieve a sustainable and healthy agricultural industry.
Quality: We always preserve and strive for the highest quality, going beyond the standards of the rest of the industry.
Teamwork: We pride ourselves on a management team that is able to achieve our company goals and targets, which carries with it the development and the nurturing of the relationships with our staff and clients.