FERTUM ® AMINOFERT it is a soluble concentrate of marine amino acids, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis and blended with a 10% extract of native seaweed from the south of Chile. It provides L-amino acids as basic structure units for producing proteins, enzymes and as precursors for the synthesis of other essential substances. Applying FERTUM ® AMINOFERT to the soil or leaves has a very favourable effect on the crop's nutrition, because it provides the essential link for producing biological macromolecules, without the need for intermediates in the synthesis.

The plants can absorb the amino acids both through the roots and leaves.


  • Increase in flowering, with a reduction of flower abortion, by regulating the osmotic processes.
  • Improves flowering, and combined with microelements it increases the weight and taste of the fruit.
  • It encourages the absorption of mineral nutrients, aiding its transport in the sap.
  • It accelerates the recovery of plants exposed to unfavourable conditions, like: transplant, transport, frost, wind, hail, pruning, suffocation, toxic effects with phytosanitary treatments, etc.
  • It provides balance to the plants metabolism.
  • Quick assimilation, both in leaves and roots.
  • Immediate action.
  • Complete use of benefits.
  • Increase in production, quality and delay of aging.

FERTUM ® AMINOFERT uses the enzymatic hydrolysis procedures and provides the essential elements of enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of sugars, starch and other components of leaves, flowers and fruit. Amino acids like Lysine and Arginine help to increase the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves and delay aging, which intensifies photosynthesis efficiency.

It can be mixed with all phytosanitary products and liquid fertilisers, facilitating their action and producing a reduction of operational costs.