FERTUM® Booster

FERTUM® Booster is a natural organic fertilizer for growth of roots, shoots and fruits, made from seaweed, highly concentrated and 100% water soluble. It contains a wide range of chelating agents: amino acids, organic acids, carbohydrates, that in unison contribute to vegetative and fruit growth, increasing plant vitality, yields, standardizing caliber, and increasing resistance to stress during the growing cycle.


  • FERTUM® Booster allows plants to develop at their full genetic potential, increasing yields and quality of crops, stimulating growth of roots, shoots, and fruits.
  • FERTUM® Booster stimulates plant metabolism increasing vitality and resistance to stress.The auxins and gibberellins it contains stimulate growth and cell division in the plants.
  • FERTUM® Booster contains structural proteins, enzymes and other proteins that protect plants, in addition to all major and minor elements that crops need, contributing to the improvement of color and quality of fruit.The cytokinins it contains support photosynthesis, stimulating seed germination.