FERTUM ® MaxBoro is a nutrient corrector, in liquid form and used by spraying on leaves, based on complexed boron soluble in water and chelated with extracts of native seaweed from the south of Chile. Formulated to avoid and correct boron deficiencies.

FERTUM ® MaxBoro allows the quick absorption of mineral nutrients because they are combined with natural low molecular weight chelating agents. Specially recommended for use with fruit plants, grapevines and vegetables, where deficiencies of this element happen regularly, including hidden deficiencies of other micronutrients.


  • It provides extremely efficient absorption in the flower tissue and leaf.
  • It improves fruit setting.
  • It has a stimulating effect in plants under physiologic stress, reducing occurrences, like: bitter pit in apple; cracking in tomatoes; hollow stem in cruciferous vegetables: cracked stem in celery; internal necrosis in radish and beet; and black heart in sugar beet.
  • Optimises growth of roots and sprouts.
  • It's involved in the processes linked to pollen grain germination, growth of the pollen tube and seed formation.
  • Eventually it aids the translocation of calcium.
  • It's a determinant factor of pollen fertility.
  • It has influence in flowering, the formation of plant hormones, water balance and the synthesis of proteins.

Boron deficiency causes serious falls in yield and harvest quality. Boron deficiency symptoms are:

  • Maize: small cobs, sterile, grainless ends, nonuniform grains, naked stems.
  • Tomato: Thickened and brittlely leaves; reduced fruiting, weak skin in fruit; tip necrosis.
  • Potato: weak and brittlely stems; few tubers.
  • Citric plants: Dry fruit, deformed young leaves, fruit rupture, discoloured areas, thickened ring, thick skin, low-key taste.
  • Peanuts: Dark and hollow area in center of nut.
  • Cabbage: Hollow stem, dark areas, deformed and yellow heads.
  • Lettuce: Stunted growth, discoloured leaves, brittlely leaves and deformed heads.
  • Strawberry: Lightly chlorotic fruit skin, cracks in fruit and descending death, low-key taste.
  • Sugar beet: Spots, broken leaves and leaf canker; internal tissues coloured brown.
  • Apples: Prickled, cracks, dead tissue cells, discoloration, low-key taste.
  • Pear: Excessive flowering; prickled, cracks, low-key taste.
  • Celery: Broken stem with brown lines, black heart.