FERTUM ® MultiMineral is a liquid fertiliser used by spraying on leaves, based on complexed water-soluble macro and microelements chelated with extracts of native seaweed from the south of Chile. Supplementing these elements with natural plant hormones, carbohydrates, hydrolysed proteins and amino acids, makes FERTUM ® MultiMineral a unique, complete and efficient formula that stimulates plant metabolism.

FERTUM ® MultiMineral provides balance to the physiological functions of the plants at the cell level. It ensures better yields and protects crops from climate stress. It corrects acute and light deficiencies of nutrients. It provides improved vegetative growth, like: root development, flowering, fruiting, and increased sugar content in fruit.

FERTUM ® MultiMineral allows the quick absorption and translocation of mineral nutrients because they are combined with natural low molecular weight chelating agents.