FERTUM ® Potassium is a nutrient corrector, in liquid form and used by spraying on leaves, based on complexed potassium soluble in water and chelated with extracts of native seaweed from the south of Chile. Formulated to avoid and correct potassium deficiencies and improve the quality of fruit, vegetables and grapes.

FERTUM ® Potassium allows the quick absorption of mineral nutrients because they are combined with natural low molecular weight chelating agents. Specially recommended for crops with low vigour, size and inadequate fruit colour.


  • Improves cold storage of fruit.
  • Favours the formation and translocation of carbohydrates (sugars).
  • Increases the plants' resistance to hydric stress, frost and diseases.
  • Improves fruit size and colour, and regulates their acidity.

Potassium deficiency stunts plant development and growth because growth speed is related to the transport of potassium from the roots to the stem and leaves. This has an impact on turgidity and on the regulation of closure and opening of the stomata.

When potassium supply is insufficient, we observe that:

  • The plant's efficiency using water is low.
  • There is a loss of leaf turgor.
  • Flaccid leaves and smaller plants.
  • Chlorosis on the margins of mature leaves. Burns first appear on old leaves.
  • Alfalfa: a sort of “spotting" towards the leaves' margins.
  • Legumes: chlorosis at the tips and margins of the lower or older leaves.
  • Maize: necrosis and yellowing at the margins of the lower leaves. If the symptoms persist they will move up the plant although the higher leaves stay green. Stems get weak; grain fill is delayed so the harvested cobs are small and grainless in the tips; aging is quick, tissues decay inducing stem rot.
  • Tomato: Lower yields; irregular maturity; discoloured fruit and sun burns; small sized fruit; lack of vigour in plants; reduced efficiency in water use.
  • Potato: Black spots and stem-end rot.