FERTUM ® ZincManganes is a nutrient corrector, in liquid form and used by spraying on leaves, based on zinc and manganese chelated and complexed with extracts of native seaweed from the south of Chile. It is formulated to correct joint deficiencies of zinc and potassium in fruit plants, grapevines, citric plants, avocados and olives.

FERTUM ® ZincManganes guarantees better fruit quality thanks to the balanced contents of zinc and manganese.

FERTUM ® ZincManganes allows the quick absorption of mineral nutrients because they are combined with natural low molecular weight chelating agents.

We recommend applying FERTUM ® ZincManganes every year to keep balanced levels of Zn and Mn. This is specially recommended for low volume treatments.


  • It avoids physiological maturity issues, like: reduced fruit size and inefficiencies in propagation.
  • Favours fruit setting and development of sprouts and leaves.
  • Zinc takes care of the synthesis of chlorophyll, proteins and carbohydrates and manganese is an enzyme activator and also boosts photosynthesis efficiency.